Knowmetrics Network for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences, by Esteban Romero-Frias

À l’occasion du séminaire de lancement “Les humanités numériques dans l’espace euro-méditerranéen”, Esteban Romero Frias, directeur du Medialab de l’Université de Grenade, est intervenu pour présenter ce laboratoire de recherche notamment destiné à l’exploration des nouvelles formes de savoir dans le cadre de la société numérique. Il a par ailleurs présenté l’une des réalisations du Medialab: le réseau Knowmetrics. Ce billet proposé par Esteban Romero Frias revient sur la présentation de ce réseau.

The Knowmetrics Network for Digital Humanities and Social Sciences is a social network with the aim of giving visibility to the academic work carried out in these areas, acting as a meeting space to promote digital transformation and its academic recognition. 

Since its conception and design, the Knowmetrics Network was born with an Ibero-American approach,trying to identify the projects and digital artifacts developed both in the Spanish language and in other languages ​​related to this area. Thus, it emerged as a counter-hegemonic proposal against the geopolitical and epistemological predominance of the English language in areas related to digital technologies. Following this values, the Knowmetrics networks is now opening up to the French language in the frame of the RAQMYAT project.

The Knowmetrics Network intends to fill a gap in the Digital Humanities scene and offers tools for its development and consolidation. Thanks to its commitment to geolocation and cartographic visualization data, users can show themselves and recognize each other on the interactive map offered by the website; a feature enabling bridges to be built between people from different places on the planet. 

On the other hand, this project makes it possible for researchers from different areas to meet and collaborate, not only through direct contact and the possibility of following other users, but also through the creation of thematic communities functioning as forums in which to share results, ideas and projects. Another remarkable feature is its resource repository, which includes scientific journals and other portals, tools, studies, blogs as well as associations and organizations.

In addition, the Network has a news section in which a list of calls for papers, conferencesand prizes of interest to the community is periodically published. Another outstanding section is “In-person digital research”, where interviews are conducted with researchers about their academic work in this field. Users can subscribe to the newsletter to receive this information directly in their emails.

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